How I can assist you

GGZ within the care performance model section II is an accessible, short-term, and complaint-focused form of psychological treatment.


We begin with an introductory session of approximately one hour, during which I listen to your story and ask some clarifying questions. I explain my approach and provide information about the administrative documents needed for our collaboration. In this session, we usually identify what you want to work on and discuss how we might approach it.

Within GGZ section II, we address mild to moderate psychological issues. Based on various questions in the initial session, the nature of your care request is determined. This helps determine if your needs align with the services offered in the practice. This consideration is also linked to the intensity and duration of care that I can provide within my practice as per the requirements of health insurance.

After this session, you still have the option to decide whether or not to proceed with our collaboration. However, I will provide you with the discussed paperwork for your consideration in case you choose to continue. You can bring these documents along for our second appointment.

Treatment approaches/services offered:

During the treatment, I can utilize:



- Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)

- Imaginary Rescripting

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

- Breaking Patterns and Schemas

- Diagnostics

- E-health

- Psychoeducation