Requirements for a Referral Letter

Referral by the General Practitioner (GP) involves 5 criteria:

1. Suspicion of a DSM-diagnosed disorder.
2. Severity of the problem.
3. Risk assessment.
4. Complexity of the case.
5. Progression of the symptoms.

Information on the referral letter:

1. Suspected DSM-V disorder.
2. Referral to specific level of care (GBGGZ or SGGZ).
3. Referring practitioner's information (including AGB code).
4. Patient's information.
5. Date and place of the referral.
6. Referring practitioner's signature.

Not included on the referral letter:

1. Diagnosis.
2. Type of treatment.
3. Nature of the intervention.

Validity period of the referral:

9 months (275 days): The start date is the same as the registration date with the GGZ provider. This is the date on which the registration is received by the GGZ provider.