Referral & Reimbursement for Individuals 18+

Contracts have been established with various health insurers until January 2023. An overview of the contracted health insurers can be found under "Contracted Health Insurances" here.

For individuals aged 18 and above, a referral from a general practitioner (GP) is required to initiate treatment within the Basic Mental Healthcare (Basis GGZ). 

Treatment within the Basic GGZ for individuals aged 18 and above is typically covered by health insurance. It's essential that the referral letter meets the necessary criteria and is in order before the treatment starts. You can find the specific requirements for a valid referral letter on my website under "Referral Criteria."

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for paying your deductible (eigen risico) before your health insurer starts covering the costs.

The coverage and reimbursement percentages can vary depending on your insurance policy. It's recommended to inquire directly with your health insurer to understand the reimbursement details, including any limitations, co-payments, and specific terms.

In the event that your insurance doesn't cover the treatment or if you choose to receive treatment without a valid referral, the costs will be your responsibility. You will then receive an invoice at the end of each month, which you need to pay within 14 days. 

Cancelling Appointments / No Show

Cancelling an appointment is allowed, but please do so in a timely manner! If you cancel at least 24 hours in advance, no charges will apply. Cancellations can be made via phone (leave a voicemail) or email.

For appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, you will receive an invoice of €90,- . These costs cannot be submitted to your health insurer or the municipality.

For not showing up to an appointment without a valid reason (No-Show), a fee of €125 will be invoiced. These costs cannot be submitted to your health insurer or the municipality.

What is the rate if my care isn't reimbursed?

It's possible that the care you need or want is not covered by your health insurer. For example, if you lack a referral letter or if there's no suspected diagnosis. This is usually clarified during the introductory session. If you choose to proceed with treatment, you will pay for the care yourself.

An introductory session lasts about 30 minutes and is free of charge.

A regular appointment lasts about 45 minutes and costs 115 euros.

If you wish to schedule appointments for an intelligence assessment or personal coaching, you will also cover the costs yourself. I will provide a cost estimate beforehand.